Students who are enrolled continuously follow the program completion requirements in effect during their first term of enrollment as outlined in that year’s College Catalog. Students may choose to change to a later catalog’s program completion requirements. However, if they do so, they may not later revert to the earlier requirements. To change to a later catalog’s degree or program requirements, students should consult their faculty advisor about how to revise their degree plan. Students who are readmitted to a degree or other program are required to follow the requirements in effect upon readmission. See Readmission to the College.


The Academic Policies and other administrative and behavioral policies relevant to students are updated from time to time and published annually in the College Catalog. All students must follow the policies published in the most recent version of the College Catalog. The College Catalog is the definitive source for all Academic Policies, behavioral and administrative policies, and degree program requirements; it supersedes other publications. The tuition, fees, scholarships and other financial aid are reviewed annually and subject to change.