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Using the handbooks and advising documents, and with the guidance and approval of their faculty advisor, each student creates an individualized degree plan to satisfy graduation requirements and to achieve their personal and professional goals. The purposes of the structured degree plan are to support self-direction in learning, to encourage planning, to provide feedback needed to improve quality, and to help students fulfill graduation requirements in a timely manner. The degree plan lists all transfer courses, all courses completed at Prescott College, and all courses remaining to be taken to complete graduation requirements. Undergraduate students work closely with their faculty advisors to make sure that they have a well-rounded liberal arts education that satisfies the general education requirements and/or the liberal arts breadth. Graduate students work with their faculty advisors to assure that their degree plan satisfies program requirements and achieve personal and professional goals. The degree plan is a living document and is updated regularly as students proceed through the curriculum. In most programs, students may use the degree plan to specify an individualized competence or concentration title within one of the undergraduate or graduate degree titles offered by the College. If approved by the faculty advisor, individualized competence or concentration titles will appear on the student’s diploma and transcripts. The final degree plan is verified by the registrar before degree conferral to assure that all graduation requirements have been met.


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