Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing authority for Prescott College. As such, the Board, in consultation with the President, carries out all lawful functions that are permitted or required by the laws of the State of Arizona, the College bylaws, and the Prescott College Articles of Incorporation.

Board of Trustees

Lynne Niemeth (Chair) 

Megan Bloomer (Vice Chair) 

Mike Zimber (Treasurer)

Lee Caldwell 

Kacey Miller (Staff Trustee) 

Geoff Barnard 

Jesse Hernreich (Secretary)

Julie Munro (Faculty Trustee) 

Mark Thorkelson

Coral Evans

Tammy McLeod

Kathleen Murphy

Annette Tracy

Cristina Eisenberg

Ellen Heffernan

Katrina Rogers Arjuna Rogers (Student Trustee)

Jayanna Killingsworth (Student Trustee)

Jennie Duran Tony Skrelunas