Bachelor of Arts in Education: Elementary Education

Degree Type


The Faculty of Education at Prescott College prepares students to teach in a variety of K-8 classroom settings through Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).

In addition to the bachelor’s degree, undergraduate students are eligible to receive an Institutional Recommendation for the certified teaching of public Elementary Education to the Arizona Department of Education upon graduation and successful completion of certification requirements.

Residency Requirement

Elementary Education requires students attend a minimum of one colloquium event as a student seeking certification as a teacher.

LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Educational Contexts: Prescott College Education Students can accurately engage historical, legal contexts and political trends within their educational fields of study.

  • Instructional Design and Assessment: Prescott College Education Students can effectively design meaningful learner-based curricula and assessment in accordance with current and acceptable practice within their educational fields of study.
  • Justice, Equity, and Inclusion: Prescott College Education Students actively apply responsive cultural knowledge and inclusionary ethics to support minoritized/marginalized students and their communities. 
  • Transformative Instructional Methods: Prescott College Education Students can successfully utilize evidence-based instructional methods and differentiation strategies to develop relevant and transformative learning experiences within a variety of educational contexts.
  • Content Area Expertise: Prescott College Education Students can demonstrate subject-area expertise in Elementary Education (Grades K-8).


Programs leading to Institutional Recommendation (certification) require a formal admission process. Students interested in teacher certification must meet the following requirements one semester before registering for full-time certification coursework:

  • Successful completion of 36 credits of general coursework (upper or lower division)
  • Completion of the following courses:
  • EDU 47001 Foundations of Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 47050 Working in Schools: Orientation
  • A one-page teaching philosophy synopsis
  • Completed application for admission to the Division of Professional Preparation Programs


The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (120 credits) consists of 60 lower-division and a minimum of 36 upper- division semester credits. The program is designed to cultivate the knowledge and skills required for educators of children (grades K-8). Successful completion of degree requirements leads to an Institutional Recommendation for Arizona Teacher Certification in Elementary Education.  In addition to the 60 credits of lower-division coursework and general requirements, the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education is comprised of the following upper- division certification coursework:

Total Credits