Fees Applied to All Programs


Graduation Fee (one time)


Sustainability Fee (per term)


Technology Fee (per term)


Late Registration Fee (if applicable)


Late Payment Fee (if applicable - monthly)


Replacement Diploma Fee


Insurance (Optional)

Contact Provider

Money added to your student id for printing charges is non-refundable.

Mentored/Independent Studies fees for College field stations or use of the campus science lab

Students may complete mentored/independent studies under the guidance of their advisor and faculty. Students will be charged the following fees for use of College field stations or the campus science lab, if needed, as part of their studies. 

Block - Kino $600
Session - Kino  $1,050
Full Term - Kino  $2,100
Session - Kenya  $3,400

Science lab - $75

Ph.D. students

Doctoral students must upload their final approved dissertation to ProQuest.  ProQuest charges a $95 upload fee. 

Mandatory Insurance Requirement for Counseling Students

Counseling students must maintain malpractice insurance throughout their entire graduate program. The College carries liability insurance to cover students in such field placements.

Required Intensives by Program

An intensive is a short period of time in which all day learning takes place face to face with the instructor that is not measured by academic credit.  Master’s programs and Graduate Certificate with the titles listed below require completion of the following intensives for degree or certificate completion. Unless specified otherwise, all intensives are offered in the vicinity of Prescott, AZ or Tucson, AZ. Intensives are generally scheduled to be before or after colloquium for ease of travel.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Successful completion of one intensive is required for full MS in Counseling students with the EAT concentration and for Post Master’s in EAT students. One is offered each summer.

Adventure-Based Counseling & Nature-Based Counseling

Successful completion of four experiential field intensives (one may be substituted by an independent study totaling not less than 100 hours) are required. Intensives are typically 3-5 days.

Backcountry Intensive FEE: $650 DATES OFFERED: prior to August Colloquium

Outdoor Urban Intensive FEE: $650 DATES OFFERED: January, before or after Colloquium

Outdoor Nature Intensive FEE: $650 DATES OFFERED: Spring, before or after Colloquium.