Graduate School and Career Outcomes by Study Area

Prescott College graduates from our bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs are sought after by graduate schools and by employers for their highly effective mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge demonstrated through professionally-relevant capstone projects. In their coursework, internships and capstone projects, students develop professional networks of mentors within and outside of the College that directly support their career success. Graduates of our undergraduate programs often go on to complete graduate degrees. Our interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts and professional programs at all degree levels create broad career opportunities for our graduates.

Sample Careers by Areas of Study:

Adventure Education

Outdoor Program Administration Outfitter

Guide Coach

Leadership Development Consultant Teacher

College Faculty



School Principal Guidance Counselor Environmental Educator

Educational Administrator

College Faculty

Environmental Studies / Sustainable Community Development

Conservation Biologist

Forest Service


Environmental Management

Regional Planner

College Faculty

Sustainable Food Systems

Registered Dietitian

Faculty at Culinary Institutes

Colleges Farm Managers

Market Gardeners Teachers

Nutrition Educators

Food Service Director

Local Food Procurement Specialist

Farm-to-Table Program Coordinators and Directors Farmer’s Market Managers

Policy Directors for Organic Advocacy Organizations

Non-Profit Program Director

Interdisciplinary Studies

See other study areas for possible combinations

Arts & Humanities / Arts & Letters

Writer / Journalist Film-maker Museum Curator

Studio / Performing Artist

Media / Communications Professional Teacher

College Faculty

Critical Psychology and Human Services

Community Development Manager

Direct-Care-Coordinator Supportive Services Specialist

Non-Profit Project Coordinator/Manager Intervention Advocate

Human Resources Manager

Research Assistant/Data Analyst

Grant Writer

Case Manager

Advocacy Counselor/Coordinator

Psychology / Human Development / Counseling

Professional Counselor

Case Manager

Non-Profit Director

Social JusticeStudies / Social Justice & Community Organizing

Non-profit Organization Leader

Media Strategist

Labor Organizer Activist

College Faculty

Resilient and Sustainable Communities

Chief Sustainability Officer Director of Sustainability

Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainability Consultant

LEED Certification Consultant

Resilience Metrics Analyst Solar/Wind Energy Engineer

City Planner

Community Development Director

Sustainability Management / Sustainability Leadership MBA

Entrepreneur Manager Marketer

Sustainability Director

Public Administration

Organizational Development Consultant 

College Faculty