Non-Matriculated Undergraduate Students

Students who are not formally admitted to a Prescott College program may seek to enroll on a course by course basis if the following conditions are met:

  • Space is available in the course
  • Undergraduate courses require instructor approval

This policy does not apply to AZ Serve, Dual Enrolled, ECOSA, or visiting students from partner schools or universities (EcoLeague, CIEL, etc.), which all have a different enrollment process.

Non-Matriculated Credit Limits

The following limits apply towards non-matriculated credits that a student may take before, or without, formal enrollment in a Prescott College degree program:

  • Undergraduate credit limit: 8 credits or typically 2 courses (additional credits require faculty approval)
  • Approval is required for additional course requirements, such as prerequisites

If a non-matriculating student is interested in continuing their studies as a degree-seeking student, they must complete the admissions process for their program of interest.

Tuition is charged at the per credit rate that is equal to the program credit rate. To apply as a non-matriculating student, use the following form:

Upon application receipt, an admissions representative will reach out to the student to assist them through the process. The following is required before the student may enroll in the course:

  • Instructor approval
  • Unofficial transcripts
    • Students with less than 60 college credits are required to provide high school transcripts, showing graduation
    • Students with 60 or more college credits are only required to provide all college transcripts
  • Courses are subject to any prerequisite or reference requirements

Upon completion of all application requirements, the student will be permitted to register for the courses.

Non-matriculated students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.